What People Say About Cape Cod

We receive many positive comments for our work. A selection of extracts from client letters is reproduced below.

September 2017

I am totally satisfied with the reno and Cape Cod have been a pleasure to work with.


July 2017

David Wahba was our Supervisor and he was outstanding. He always took my call, provided excellent advice and communicated all upcoming construction. He was the reason our renovation was stress free. Thanks David!
Lisa & Ron


June 2017

Geoff came on Monday and replaced the rotten wood on the upstairs balcony and also at the back of the laundry. I would like to thank you very much for sending Geoff to do this job. I appreciate the good advice he gave me on how to look after the house.


We have had a fantastic experience with our reno. Darek did a brilliant job and Dean has been amazing. The whole process has been low stress, on time and great quality. We have already recommended Cape Cod to friends.
Charlotte & Michael


May 2017

Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by last week. It was lovely to see you, though I apologise for it being so chaotic. Everyone seemed to turn up at once. I wanted to let you know that the roof went on yesterday and we are delighted with the result. On plan (2 dimensions), the front roof looks quite dominate. But not in real life. It looks amazing and all works together perfectly. The pitch, the angles, the size and scale of the window – everything is great. It was such a difficult roof line to work with, but what you’ve designed is brilliant. You’ve done such an amazing job. Thank you.
Bec & Andrew


Dave and I have been delighted with the build and have recommended Cape Cod to others. Special mention to Jono, our Supervisor, who has been superb. He and the team went above and beyond our expectations
Fay & David


April 2017

We are very happy with our new addition and thank Cape Cod and all involved for their hard work.
Rachael & Adam


March 2017

Dear Mr Moerman,

Rather than simply complete the customer feedback form, I wanted to pass on my personal experience of dealing with Cape Cod.

Like most people when starting to make plans to renovate the family home, my husband and I talked to friends and colleagues and met with a few companies to decide who to engage.

Whilst Cape Cod were not the cheapest option, we had received good feedback from friends and when we met with Keith Bow from your North Parramatta office we felt an instant rapport and trust that what Keith said was what would be delivered. Keith explained everything succinctly but never rushed us to make a decision to go with Cape Cod. He was always professional, friendly and all dealings were transparent from day one. He kept us informed throughout the process of finalising plans and getting these through Council. Keith never over promised or under delivered and is a credit to your organisation.

Once construction was underway we were introduced to our site foreman, Andrew Cashmore. Andrew was courteous and kept us informed all the way through the build. He managed our neighbours with ease and kept the job on track and on budget. The workmanship is of a high standard and the various tradespeople worked very hard with Andrew to ensure our project remained on program. Given the challenges of unpredictable weather and numerous other sites requiring trades, I expect this was not an easy task. However, Andrew always maintained a calm demeanour and explained any unforeseen issues along the way. He also sought our guidance if any variations were required and before work continued. He arrived to all our meetings on time or phoned to advise if running slightly late. He was a pleasure to work with.

The last 5% of any task is always the hardest and that if any, was my only disappointment. Andrew closed out 3 of the 4 final items on the defects list and we only have one outstanding item. However,
I was unable to thank Andrew for all his hard work as I hadn’t realised the last time we met was his final appointment before moving onto his other numerous projects on the go.

Whilst the accounts and administration staff have all been helpful, friendly and professional throughout our renovation project, aside from the customer feedback form and final invoice there has not been any follow up with regards to the one outstanding defect item. However, I will contact the office in the next week or so to close this out and given our experience to date, I am confident that this will not be a problem.

My friends and family are amazed that we have had such a trouble-free experience in renovating, as we all hear the horror stories. This is in large part down to Keith and Andrew. Please kindly pass on my appreciation to them both.

I would highly recommend Cape Cod to anyone planning to renovate and wish you and your organisation every success in the future.

Elizabeth & Bruce


February 2017

Good afternoon Gary and Kirstie,

We are sending this email to recognise the amazing work by Aaron Graham on our home.

Initially, we were a bit apprehensive with Aaron as our home would be his first project. Our concerns were quickly done away with when we found Aaron to be communicative, friendly, respectful and professional right from the get go. Throughout the whole process, Aaron kept us informed and prepared, and also took into account that we had a baby due in a few short weeks. He scheduled jobs to minimise interruption to our daily lives and also made it his aim to have the job finished by the time baby was born. In the lead up to the birth, Aaron provided us with a padlock for keys so that work could continue in our absence – something small in the eyes of others but something so considerate and thoughtful to us. And then, when the baby did arrive – a day we had tradies scheduled to attend – Aaron was so sincere in his congratulations then quickly took over and allowed us to fully focus on our new born child, when he told us not to worry about anything – we didn’t!

We anticipated quite a bit of stress during the renovation and building process but with Aaron at the helm, we can confidently say that we have experienced none of that! So much so that we have been spruiking Cape Cod’s services to anyone that will listen, especially to family, friends, and the numerous people who have approached us off the street or stopped as they have driven by to ask about your Company.

We cannot express our gratitude for Aaron enough. He is clearly an asset to your Company, and is a great ambassador for the work that you do. We are so thankful for his honesty, consistency and advice, and his patience and calm demeanour as well. We hope that his skill and professionalism is recognised throughout the Company and rewarded accordingly.

Thank you again.

Annie & Rodney


January 2017

Really happy with Cape Cod and the professional services they provided. The whole team was wonderful.
Carol & Robert


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