Frequently Asked Questions – Home Additions & Extensions

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Q: Does Cape Cod build only traditional “Cape Cod” designs?

A: Cape Cod builds a wide variety of first floor home additions in all styles, from traditional to contemporary and cutting-edge. In fact, every Cape Cod addition is individually designed to complement your home. See our photo albums for some recent examples.

Q: Our home is not brick, can we still add another floor?

A: Yes. Cape Cod have built first floor additions for all types of houses. In fact, we have never been presented with a home that we could not build upon.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: There are many factors that influence the cost of a home addition and “per square metre” rates alone are an unreliable guide. Our House Extension Cost Page provides full details. 

Q: How long will my Home Addition take to build?

A: Construction can take from 6 weeks to > 6 months, depending on the size and complexity of your project.
Our clients are continually amazed by the speed of construction time. Once council has approved the application we will advise you of the construction time and this will be specified in the building contract.
For more information, our Facebook page provides construction times and photos for specific projects.

Q: Do we have to move out during building?

A: Most of our clients carry on their family life and it is generally only necessary to move out if major ground floor renovation work is required.

Q: My house is old. Shouldn’t I just knock it down and rebuild?

A: Beyond the price of a new home and the inconvenience of moving house (twice), you may wish to consider the additional costs of this option.
These include the cost of demolition, furniture removal and storage (minimum 6 months), rent, connecting/disconnecting utilities, etc, all of which are throw away costs. Add to that the cost of new floor coverings, curtains, landscaping, fittings… Also, in some Council areas, new homes may be subject to more restrictive floor space ratios and boundary limits.

Q: Can we trust Cape Cod to finish the job on time, at the agreed price and with high quality workmanship?

A: Cape Cod has built its reputation on doing just that! For added peace of mind, the HIA Plain Language Contract is your guarantee that we will meet all of our obligations, and we pay you $1,000 for each week that we are late in completing construction.

Experience you can rely on.