What People Say About Cape Cod

December 2010

Very pleasurable experience, all the staff were friendly and any enquiries we had were responded to promptly.



We are still thrilled with the magnificent job you all did for us. We couldn’t be happier with everything & all our dealings with you all. You are a fantastic team.

Eve & Peter


November 2010

I am happy with the end results, thank you.

Neil & Donna


Our house looks magnificent. The speed and workmanship with which our extension was completed was beyond our expectations. We highly recommend Cape Cod. The DVD is a special reminder of our house as it was and is now.

Deborah & Michael


Thank you for everything it’s an absolute dream.

Raylee & Shance


October 2010

Absolutely brilliant. Very high standard of finish, completed well ahead of expectations. John (supervisor) and Warren (carpenter) were standouts. We are very happy.



Septmeber 2010

We are happy customers.



Thank you for making our dream come true. We are very happy to have been able to stay in our home, suburb and community which are all very dear to us, but live in a house that is much more comfortable and attractive – beyond recognition. The actual construction process carried out by your amazing team of builders and tradesmen was a “breeze”. Within close to 5 weeks. Thank you.



We would be happy to provide spoken referral support to any enquirer.



August 2010

Matt our project manager was impeccable on every level. We thought building a house would come with its own stress – but the entire project was stress free. Terry is also a great ambassador for the ‘can do’ approach that epitomizes Cape Cod. We love our new home! Thank you.

Myrna & Tim


Ross was fantastic. It was primarily due to his willingness to help that we went with Cape Cod. No other consultant from any other company came close to helping us as Ross did.

Lee & Nicki


Please congratulate Matthew on his wonderful patience and all the members of your team for excellent work and patience with every query and request. We were very pleased with your conduct of our project under John’s capable & kind supervision.

Catherine & john


I have found Chris and his brother to be more than helpful, always willing to help and answer any questions we have had to ask of them. All the other trades from the plumber to the electrician have been more than worthy of a mention as they are always friendly and accommodating to us and our needs. The rain has been consistent since the work started but only one day was there really no work carried out on the site… I would like to pass on my thanks for making it a pleasant experience so far, thanks to all of the trades and staff. A great job so far, thank you.



Final result exceeded expectations – excellent!

Peter & Gary


July 2010

Thank you to everyone at Cape Cod for doing such an outstanding job. We are delighted with the finished project. Fantastic outcome!

Stephen & Michelle


Fantastic result. Thank you.



July 2010

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful renovations carried out on our home. We have been very impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of the team at Cape Cod. Our building supervisor, John, was terrific and always approachable. We highly commend the work, as well, of a number of tradesmen. In particular, we’d like to express thanks for the work of your finishers, Bill and Shane, Graham for his electrical work, Joe for his tiling work, Ronnie and Marty for their brickwork and Phil for his carpentry work. Jeff, your maintenance man, has been great in fixing up some minor issues since the completion of the renovation work. We also appreciate the great clean-up work carried out throughout the project by Jamie.

John & Janet


Had to thank you for your prompt attention to our problem. The heavy rain has certainly tested things out and so far you efforts seem to have been successful. I must emphasised how impressed I have been with your after sales service. I have been looked after in a way that has exceeded my expectations and I would be happy to tell anybody how good Cape Cod is! Thank you very very much.



We wish to thank you and your wonderful staff and team at Cape Cod for your assistance and full co-operation in attending to our enquiry.



Since we are now drawing to the end of our formal involvement with Cape Cod, I am writing to express my thanks to you for the way in which you handled the extension and other works at our house. Jeanine and I were impressed with you and your team and the professional way in which the work was generally done. This was in no small measure due to your own direction of the project. I appreciated your openness to discuss the various issues that needed to be worked through, for your technical expertise and your attention to the project as it progressed. Thanks too for the really efficient lining up of the various trades (the whole project really went at a fast pace!) and for the high quality that you have aimed for in the project. There remains a few small bits and pieces which I will raise with Gary. Other than that, we are now progressing on with all the next stage things that have to be done (carpets, curtains, painting, furnishings etc).



I would like to thankyou for the repairs that have just taken place at my property. This work was carried out by Geoff and I would like to take this opporturity to say what a polite and trustworthy gentleman he is. Geoff has attended our property on several occassions and regardless of the problem takes the time to explain the process to myself or my wife. It has been a pleasure to deal with both Geoff and all other staff associated with Cape Cod.



Thank you for fixing the leaks and restoring the ceiling. Geoff did a lovely job and he was a pleasure to work with.



May 2010

Extremely happy with the efficiency of the tradesmen, the speed of the extension, the perfect design by Ross, and the politeness of Chris.

Ron & Jean


The emerging shape of the house with the extension looks just fabulous! It really blends so well with the general landscape of the street and the houses that are our direct neighbours on each side. The lines of the roof are great, and look fabulous when looked at from the front of the street. The inside as far as we can see also looks great and very functional… We are impressed with your team of builders and how prompt and punctual they are. When they say they start at 7 am, it starts at 7 am on the dot – this is so good as we can actually plan around it, it is predictable … when you consider that the core of your business is to step into people’s houses to cause every imaginable and unimaginable destruction, and disruption, while they try to live “normal lives” somehow – you guys are doing the heck of a good job!! We are really impressed with how well everything is coordinated. Thank you!



100% thank you for Dean. He made it a pleasure to see the project through as if it was his own.

Shane & Sandra


April 2010

We would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided us and we will highly recommend you to any prospective clients.

Avi & Michelle


Thank you for your prompt response to my email request for maintenance to our property. As always, Jeff was friendly, helpful and highly professional.

Connie & Chris


Cape Cod were a pleasure to work with.



February 2010

With reference to the recent construction of an additional storey to the above-named property, we wish to thank your Company and its employees for the excellent and professional manner in which this renovation was done. Further, the speed with which the whole project was completed has been the subject of many favourable comments from neighbours and passers-by and we are pleased with the final result. We would have no hesitation in recommending your Company to any future interested parties.

Dawn & Chris


To everyone who helped make our new addition come true, thankyou for listening and buildling what we wanted. Our huge new bedroom and balcony will really improve our lifestyle. Many thanks to Terry for setting the wheels in motion. To Chris and Liam …. We could not be more happier with the workmanship shown from all the trades and their polite and helpful manner. Special mentinon also to the rubbish removalist for leaving our yard spotless. Also to all the behind the scenes people… You truly are a remarkable company who do what you say.

Robert & Robin


January 2010

Just to let you know – your maintenance man came today and started the process. Thank you for your prompt response – cape cod continue to impress us with your ongoing professionalism.



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