Project Showcase

Project Showcase

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Rooms Added:

Master Bedroom with WIR and Ensuite, 2nd and 3rd Bedroom and Main Bathroom

Project Brief

The owners were looking for extra living space for their growing family. They love the neighbourhood they live in and their house with its beautiful Californian bungalow features. So, rather than move, they decided the answer was a first-floor addition to their family home.

The Results

Their finished project has more than provided the practical and beautifully designed spaces for their family they had always hoped for. Cape Cod have created a modern family home that still reflects the elegance and beauty of its original Californian bungalow design, a combination that gives this house unique presence amongst the other home designs in the area.

Client Comments

‘We were very thankful for the knowledge and experience of Cape Cod’s Design Consultant and Project Managers. They helped anticipate problems early on which avoided what could have been big delays later in the process.’