Request Fixed Price Quotation

Already have building plans for your home extension in council or ready to submit to council?

Cape Cod Australia has built more than 7,600 home additions and won numerous awards for the quality of construction, including the HIA NSW Professional Medium Builder Renovator Award (2015).

This quality starts with our Fixed Price Building Quotation.

Here’s what we provide:

1. A site visit by one of our Estimators to verify property measurements and obtain all necessary information to ensure accuracy and detect if there are any discrepancies.
This is very important. Many builders assume that plans are accurately drawn and then, upon discovering that this is not the case, adjust their approach to suit. The result – variations (and guess who pays?) or a compromise to the overall quality of the job.

2. We will review your Design and consider other conditions impacting on it.
Having built so many home additions, we know what works and what doesn’t. For example:

  • Does the design allow enough head room in the stairwell?
  • Is there enough space in the Bathrooms to move around easily, once fixtures are installed?
  • Is the floor zone deep enough to allow for the structural beams required?

3. We will provide a fixed price Quotation and detailed Specification listing all materials, finishes and actual work to be carried out by us, taking into consideration any items supplied by yourself.
There is no second-guessing as to what is included in our quotation and what is not. If there are any parts of the build you want to do yourselves – from supplying the Bathroom fixtures and fittings for us to install, to doing the internal painting – just let us know.


Obtain a comprehensive, fixed price quotation from a builder you can trust!

How much should I pay to obtain a Fixed Price Quotation?

As you can see, Cape Cod put a lot of work into ensuring you achieve price certainty for your project. If due to the size and complexity of your project a Quotation fee is required, we will notify you after reviewing your plans, then wait for your approval to commence.

But other builders will give me a free quote...

Yes, some builders will give you a free estimate to build from your Council-approved plans.
But can they match Cape Cod’s track record?

  • We build for the quoted price (without cutting corners)
  • You will know exactly what is included
  • We deliver high quality throughout
  • We will finish on time or will pay you $1,000 per week if late
Experience you can rely on.