Project Showcase

Project Showcase

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Rooms Added:

Master Bedroom with Ensuite and BIR, 2nd and 3rd Bedroom with BIRs, Main Bathroom, Dining and Living Rooms

Project Brief

Suzie and Tony engaged Cape Cod Australia to do what the company does best: turn their charming but small semi-detached cottage into a spacious family home, with a new first-floor addition. They originally looked at buying a home with more space with the view to upgrading, but Tony says he felt that moving wouldn’t be a smart decision. “It made a lot more sense to add to this house. Stamp duty would have been about a third of the cost of the renovation, so it doesn’t make any sense if you can renovate your own house. It’s such a massive saving.”

The Results

Cape Cod’s renovation kept all the charm of their 1920s cottage, while making it more suitable for a growing family. The first floor blends beautifully with the original cottage, replicating some of the original timber details to ensure the two levels complement each other. “We wanted to keep the character,” explains Suzie. “We didn’t want it to be this modern block on top of this older house and change it. We like the beach house look.” The whole family appreciate the larger space and Tony says he and Suzie are enjoying having two living areas.

Client Comments

Suzie says she loves the large open space in the back of the house. “My favourite space is out the back with the windows,” she says. “When you open it up in the evening or afternoon, it’s really breezy and light and it’s beautiful.” ‘I think one of the good things about Cape Cod is they’re not precious from a design point of view.” adds Tony. “Whatever ideas you’ve got, they’re really happy to work with those and create what you want.’