Project Showcase

Project Showcase

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Rooms Added:

2nd Bedroom, 3rd Bedroom with Walk-In, Walk-in to Master and Shower Room/Laundry

Project Brief

Simon and Lindsay always knew where they wanted to live, but couldn’t find a property that perfectly suited their needs.They decided to look at their house-hunting project a little differently, choosing the right location, the right neighbourhood and then the right builder to create the home they wanted. The main brief was to put two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and future-proof their semi and cater for their growing children.

The Results

Lindsay says she is really happy with the finished house, and finds it tricky to single out just one thing that she loves the most. She is thrilled how the addition was integrated into the existing house and how cohesive the final result is. She loves the fact that the children now have their own space upstairs and everyone has the privacy they need. Extra works included a new kitchen, which was installed at the same time. Once the laundry was removed from the ground floor and incorporated into the bathroom upstairs, this allowed more space for a larger kitchen without needing additional ground floor works.

Client Comments

‘You hear so many disaster stories about renovations, but we both said that we would do it again with Cape Cod because it wasn’t painful at all. I’ve recommended them to lots of people. They were very professional, but also very approachable.’