Project Showcase

Project Showcase

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Rooms Added:

2 Bedrooms, Living Room and separate WC

Project Brief

With a growing family and living in a small, single-level semi, the clients decided it was time to extend their family home. Having watched a nearby house undergo renovations using Cape Cod and having heard the positive feedback about Cape Cod from their neighbours, the clients decided they would give Cape Cod a call to discuss the available options.

The Results

The transformation of this home from a small, two-bedroom semi to a beautiful four-bedroom home with separate individual living areas has definitely exceeded the client’s expectations far beyond their imagination. The modern contemporary design flows from outside to inside with clean lines and simple details. The completed project demonstrates the effective use of innovative design and space, which worked together to create a successful outcome and functional family home.

Client Comments

‘Cape Cod was slightly more expensive, but what they proposed and included gave us so much more than what a competitor had to offer. It absolutely came down to the Design and Sales Manager’s ‘can-do’ attitude and innovative design ideas, which got Cape Cod over the line for us. These are two things you definitely want when you are about to spend a considerable amount of money on a renovation.’