Project Showcase

Project Showcase

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Rooms Added:

Master Bedroom, 2nd Bedroom, Main Bathroom, Living Room & 2 Decks

Project Brief

This original semi-detached home in Maroubra was aging fast and in desperate need of a renovation. The kids were getting older and the owners really needed more space for their family. Wanting the children to each have their own bedroom, they felt it was time to find someone to help them turn their home into a functional combination of common areas and private spaces for both the parents and the children.

The Results

This family now has the spacious beachside home they so desired, the children have their own bedrooms and a separate living space as well. The home creates an experience of openness and functionality. and the detailing inside and out reinforces the feeling. With quality features and a “state of the art” finish throughout the project, to put it simply, the transformation has to be seen to be believed.

Client Comments

‘Our supervisor was great in providing us with ideas and alternatives which greatly enhanced the end result. He was very professional and diplomatic in dealing with our neighbours, particularly as this was a semi detached dwelling renovation.’