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Project Showcase

Project Showcase

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Rooms Added:

Master Bedroom with Ensuite and Study Nook, Living Room and Balcony

Project Brief

The design brief for this 30-year old Hornsby strata home was that it had to look “original”. The Client liked the idea of a second storey including a large bedroom, lounge area, bathroom and verandah. It was essential that it did not look like an “add-on” and that it did not overshadow the five neighbours in the strata housing development.

The Results

The addition of a second storey has provided a wonderful Parents’ Retreat, complementing the natural bush land that surround it in abundance. The addition integrates nicely with the existing structure, and a well positioned Deck and Bifold doors allow the owners to take full advantage of the views.

Client Comments

‘It’s like a large tree house. I live in a very bushy area and Cape Cod has captured the environment. Whereever I sit I am looking at the bush. Your scenes are the outside and you don’t need artwork inside.’