Environmental & Social Responsibility

Environmental Policy

Promoting and maintaining environmentally responsible practices is beneficial for everyone – our customers, employees, tradespeople and the communities in which we operate.

At Cape Cod Australia, we take seriously our commitment to the environment. We conduct our business in a way that aims to protect the environment and demonstrate good stewardship of our world’s natural resources … and we continually seek new ways to address the environmental cost and impact of our activities. In fact, we have obtained 6.0 Star ABSA accreditation for our construction techniques.

Some examples of our environmental practices:

  • Cape Cod use only plantation-grown timber in construction
  • We provide a comprehensive pre-construction report on the use of lead and asbestos in the home so that we can deal with it in the safest way
  • We offer design options to our clients beyond the minimum Basix standards to achieve energy efficiency and minimise water wastage
  • On job sites as well as in our office environment, rubbish is separated and sent to recycling facilities whenever possible

Corporate Giving

Cape Cod sponsor a number of organisations who are working for the betterment of our society, in particular:

  • Asbestos Diseases Foundation
  • Cancer Wellness Support
  • Lions Club Bondi
  • Parramatta Lions Club
  • Parramatta Mission
  • Ryde Rotary Club